About Learn it with Davo

In 2012, I decided to create a simple website to share revision resources for the Cambridge IGCSE ICT course that the school I worked for were delivering at the time. I knew what I wanted to do, but as usual coming up with a name was the biggest stumbling block to actually getting on with creating content.

If you’ve ever tried to register a domain name you’ll know that the chances of being able to buy anything remotely sensible or creative are the same as taking any number and multiplying it by zero. In something of a rush, I went for the “obvious” choice and registered “learnitwithdavo.co.uk” because it’s a site about learning and… IT… and… it’s by me… I’ve regretted the decision ever since, but once I’d registered it I was committed, to the tune of £9 anyway. Since then, the pain of a few quid for a domain renewal has been preferable to the pain of thinking of a new name. If you want to suggest a better name, feel free.

Original Learn IT With Davo from the archives…

Since those early days the content has evolved and developed, but the core purpose remains the same – to form a repository for revision materials, knowledge booklets and organisers and even whole schemes of work.

After OCR decided to change their specification and rearrange the content, the motivation and more importantly time just never seemed to present itself to rewrite and reorganise an entire site worth of material. I was also stuck with a platform that didn’t lend itself to ease of use nor simple management of site assets. I decided to remove and delete the site after 10 years of work in 2022

Move forward to the present day and due to various changes, the time is right to resurrect Learn IT With Davo on a new platform, to start from the ground up and to rewrite revision materials which include the experience and knowledge I’ve gained over time.

This is a one person operation, content updates and materials will appear as and when I have time, when I need them for my own purposes and therefore don’t expect anything to ever be complete or something which you rely on for your day to day job.

If you saw the server where this site is hosted, you’d be amazed it exists at all. Enjoy!