This page contans all of my lessons for OCR 9-1 GCSE Computer Science. They are complete as of 2024, but should be considered a work in progress as I do not update the online copies regularly to include updates, error corrections and new resources I may create. I do not provide any guarantees with these lessons!

These lessons make use of accompanying “knowledge booklets” – these are effectively the information on this site, slightly edited and reframed for booklet printing. They also contain knowledge organisers at the end to simplify the revision process and aid anyone who is testing a student.

Do not expect these to be 100% complete (it is entirely possible some parts are incomplete or I’ve forgotten to add something in), in the “right order for teaching” or anything else. They will require re-branding for your school and checking by you to make sure they meet your needs, consider these resources to be a starting point for your own should you need them.

Please be aware of the following Creative Commons License:

In summary, these resources are provided free of charge for you to use and share with others. But, you are not, without exception, granted permission to republish these resources in part or whole, to edit and then publish in part or whole nor claim ownership of materials in any way. In other words – use them, but don’t change and republish them. If you make edits, that’s fine but keep these to yourself. Any links to external sites and materials are copyright of their respective owners and used at your own risk. By downloading the resources here you agree to these terms, conditions and license.

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Knowledge Booklets – both units