Site Update – July 2023

A lot has happened since the last update!

All of Unit 1 for OCR GCSE Computer Science is now online. If you use the menu to browse to a relevant section you should find complete notes for each part of the course, now fully up to date to match the latest version of the specification. It’s taken a long time – something around 30,000 words have been written.

Unit 2 is a job for the next academic year. From September I’ll start adding pages for the programming, logic, IDE’s and debugging stuff, as usual it’s a work in progress so please don’t just expect that something will be there or rely on this for your planning.

In terms of lessons, during next academic year I’m going to post the updated versions of the CS lessons that are already on this site. I’ve made changes to nearly everything and introduced a new set of knowledge booklets and organisers based on the content on this site, lightly changed to suit booklet format. I’m still in two minds as to whether to add tasks/questions to these booklets or keep those separate. Again, I’ll make a decision next year and upload what I have.

Finally, Business. I’m taking a large step back from Business next year. Although I’ll still be teaching it on a smaller scale, I won’t be making major changes to the lesson resources available here. I do need to re-upload the latest versions. A lot changed with the Business lessons this year as I moved away from computer based tasks to paper/book based tasks that are more suitable for most environments that don’t have such widespread access to technology.

Other than that, I have plans for some new video content in the new year for programming, but that’s a long way off yet. It’s been a long year, time for a break – see you next time.