Quick site update – November 2023

Unit 1 lessons are now completely finished and a new zip file is available for download on the GCSE CS page. These are my latest lessons and have been updated to reflect both the new specification and also a change in the style of delivery. If you use these lessons, you will need the accompanying “knowledge booklets” which contain a slightly edited version of the content from this site and also a knowledge organiser. These are really useful for revision, cover lessons and the like. They also form a solid basis for students to supplement their written notes with.

Therefore, attention now moves to unit 2. I’ve started adding the revision pages for this unit to the site as you can already see but inevitably with the school year in full swing this is a slower process than I would ideally like. Unit 2 is scheduled to be complete by March of next year so don’t expect to be able to rely on anything until at least then.

I am also in the process of changing the GCSE Business lessons. If you use those, they will be a little more complete and fully resourced in the next update, although what is currently there should be sufficient to get anyone new to the course up and running without too much hassle.

As always, if you need anything, notice any mistakes or have any suggestions then please use the contact form.