Site update – March 2023

I am beginning to make progress on recreating the base revision resources that this site used to contain a year or two back. To summarise, the following is now available:

  • 1.1 – Systems Architecture
  • 1.2 – Memory and Storage
  • 1.2 – Data, units, encoding of images, text and sound

I have also uploaded old versions of my lessons for Units 1 and 2 – see here. These are not complete due to being mid re-write and then changing jobs. I am going to begin work on those lessons again in earnest after Easter and will upload new versions as and when they are ready.

There will be some significant additions to the resources shared as I write them and for each theory topic there will be:

  • Lesson powerpoints
  • Associated worksheets and tasks
  • A knowledge booklet
  • Knowledge tests and check in tests
  • Knowledge organisers

I am a department of one, so patience will be necessary for everything above to happen. Please keep checking in for updates in the future.